doriteo said: you should change your name to Cute Knights bc yall are cute as heck



Anonymous said: Ok, we all gotta give it up to Nai Harvest for being so fucking cool and supportive of you guys. You guys are a very talented band and amazing live and as much as I want to keep you all to myself I know Foxing is gonna blow up and you truly deserve it. So, anyway, let's all be supportive of the Brand New tour. Good vibes only! Also, can't wait to see you guys play in November!


Give it up to Nai Harvest, Kittyhawk, and Two Knights. Not a single ounce of ill will amongst the group of them. We are fortunate to have such good friends.

Foxing is touring with brand new. They are the sweetest and genuinely deserve something this insanely cool. If you’re not crazy stoked for them then I don’t understand you.

lovecantsaveyouonlymynewpowercan said: should i buy a danelectro?

if you do, buy a used one and not a new one, because the current CEO is a shitty homophobe who came out very vocal in favor of prop 8 and i believe donated money to their agenda and what not, so yeah just buy used and dont support current danelectro stuff, although who’s to say the past CEO’s or people making danelectro’s aren’t super shitty people too i don’t know it’s hard to like/support anything because it’s so easy to find some facet of everything terrible in some way so many people and things are fucking terrible everything is hopeless and nothing is good i know i’m being hypercritical and paranoid and im sorry im just freaking out at the disgusting things that are so pervasive in humans i am losing it there is no hope i just realized how much i just ranted and im really sorry.

old danelectros are awesome and feel really good to play buy one of them if you want. im sorry.

weirdsmells said: You should please come play shows in the twin cities, just because I asked you to. i wanna make all my friends go see you

we would love to do that, hopefully we will be there very soon!

unhappy-together said: what tuning is "just pick a dead end and chill out till you die" in?



There are so many better people worse off than me, but I’m stuck focusing on things that will never matter. Fuck the bullshit. Help your friends.

Anonymous said: Conor looks like a nerdy bearded jimmy fallon and I kinda really want his dick.


Strawberry Obsession – The Way Our Fingers Touch (67 plays)


hello i made a new ep over the weekend.. check it out if u like noisey drone type stuff!!
also tell me what u think if u listen!!

dope drone stuff from our friend. check it outttttt

whatascheme said: You and miles should switch positions for a show

we used to do this on an old song. haha


We still have copies of this! Two Knights rule! Go pick one up! 


We still have copies of this! Two Knights rule! Go pick one up!